19 thoughts on “eBay Snoring, Skype Roaring”

  1. Skype is the best VOIP app in the market.

    easy to run, excelent voice, cheap international calls.

    the only VOIP app in the market (all the rest is waist of time!!!)

  2. It looks like the investment is paying dividends after all. Those are incredible user numbers, particularly the growth rate. And given the current financial conditions, a service that offers free/ultra low priced calls and allows consumers and businesses to cut their own costs will only keep growing.

  3. Love the title of this article! Good job Om! Way to wait it out until the next day as well, unlike similar road hogs in the business 🙂 You have a much classier site here.

  4. I was quite impressed with Skype growth when I saw the numbers. But they didn’t tell the story. Skype’s margins are razor thin. If they are on the high side at 10%, then net income less than $13M for a annual run rate of say $75M. That doesn’t put a dent into just the first year’s opportunity cost of their initial investment.

  5. Can anyone here really be surprised? Have you seen the coverage Skype has been getting lately, especially with their new video feature? Both CNN and Oprah (the woman can make or break almost any product) have been highlighting the app by using it on their shows to conduct interviews and the quality was really impressive.

    Not sure if Skype paid for either of those spots in any way but even if they did it was certainly money well spent. Nothing helps web services cross over into the mainstream better than practical exposure to a very mainstream audience.

  6. Skype is a great service and product, but it’s missing better web integration. Merge Skype and GrandCentral together and you have something…

  7. I think the future for Skype is fantastic, if it is doing well in the current market conditions, things can only get better for it. It is a great product and the user base deserves to and will, keep on growing.

  8. Skype is a great working service. All those other voice services are still just protocol standards that work horrible for the average user.

    If Skype doesn’t fit Ebay, I wouldn’t mind if Google picked it up and integrated it with their other services.

  9. The real value in Skype will become apparent when we have nationwide wimax. Cell phones (and networks) will become obsolete. The only other winners will be perhaps Sprint and Clearwire – if they can manage to build-out the wimax infrastructure.

  10. Skype is really good, no question! Quality, service, everything. I use skype for international calls and meetings.

  11. Om – An important factor to consider is that 90% of Skype revenue comes from outside the US

    As the dollar declines against nearly all global currencies, Skype’s revenues are boosted ‘artificially’ by this dollar devaluation.

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