6 thoughts on “Riya to Change Name, Looking to Sell Its Tech”

  1. The idea of selling their technology is a bit flawed.

    1. They’ll likely want to keep the personnel that developed Riya, leaving the new owner without the best people to improve the technology – those who created it originally.

    2. They invested a lot of money and failed to succeed. (They changed strategy because recognizing faces was more difficult than they thought!)

    Whoever buys their technology, even if it’s cheap, will end up having to invest a whole lot of additional money but has to hire the right people for that, first.

    Only one of the big corporations could do that, realistically: Yahoo, Microsoft or Google
    Google already owns Neven Vision. This leaves Yahoo and Microsoft.

    I have a possible model for using Riya, though. Microsoft could buy the company and open up the technology. They could give away the technology (via an API) for free and restricted (maximum 100 calls free per day) to developers and sell “recognition-appliances” to developers and companies that need more.

    Facebook could be enhanced a lot through that, and Microsoft could buy a lot of fans in the technology-crowd!

  2. i read this story as munjal desperately trying to get some hits to like.com. it is nothing more then his game of trying to create his usual hype. WTF is like.com? why would somebody fund it? and why would somebody use it?

  3. Munjal spends cash like Paris Hilton. I agree with bbub – he’s hyping Like and trying to “raise money” by selling the Riya turd because VCs won’t invest any more in Like.

    12-18 months, Like will be on the ash heap. Why do people keep giving this guy money?

  4. You can get the technology from a Visual Search Company called PIXSTA (www.pixsta.com), no need to buy Riya. Having successfully build a publisher network, they offer Product Level Advertisement via the Pixsta AdImage application. Pixsta looks much more like true visual search, versus just another e-commerce like.com page. Pixsta offers true algorithmic results. Inputs are images, outputs are images. Very fast navigation with millions of images. I have always liked the innovative interface the guys have developed.

  5. This guy has no idea how to operate a successful business. Munjahl is egotistical, and while the site is driving some traffic, I doubt it will have success given his approach. Successful cse’s thrive not only on their underlying technology and algorithms, but on their ability to listen to their clients and customers. Like.com management sorely lacks this.

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