24 thoughts on “Google & Yahoo Finally Get The Memo: Email Is The Social Environment.”

  1. Om – it’s good to see Google and Yahoo finally realizing the email potential. Email is now getting it’s due respect in the social networking ecosystem.

    There are many more startups who are quietly working and innovating in this space. Coming 6months to one year will be exciting for this space.


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  3. email for whom? you are clearly not talking about the under 18 crowd because for those kids emailing is an onerous task…

    gmail integrating some of those meebo-esque features is nice, but google integrating calls to any networking site using open social is the real move, and yahoo will get dogged again (i think)

  4. Om,

    Yahoo’s been using mail in the social space for years. They just haven’t limited it to THEIR mail service. Yahoo Groups is probably the largest aggregated social network in the world, and it is based almost entirely on email exchanges.

    Now I would admit that they have done little to innovate with a service that has been riding the power of email for years, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Yahoo Groups are social networks, and they are built via email.

  5. Social networking sites are indeed too public for most activities with one’s inner circle of friends and family. While such sites are useful for meeting new people or reconnecting with old contacts, most social interactions with an inner circle of friends and family occur over email. For that email has a big role to play.

    That is our belief at Innercircle.cc which makes it easy to connect and share things privately with your personal groups via email.

  6. i have been saying this since i saw myspace.
    if yahoo and gmail play their cards correctly they might hurt site like myspace and facebook.
    just imagine, you dont have to invite anyone… they are already in your network.
    simply brilliant.

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  8. the biggest challenge I have with webmail is its limited ability to organize an automate incoming emails into predefined buckets

    also given a fear of exposing my contact’s data to potential hackers – I limit the information I store online

    those things will need to be adressed for the social networking

    I would also love to have a tracking system that allows one to know when the email has been received/opened – to help bridge the gap of the IM’s

    as an inner circle tool there is potential
    but I think if there were some way of creating the same look/feel to a social page – but limited to the information being shared between the parties – I think you’ll have a winning proposition.

    then considering what could be done in a B2B environment ….

    my wishlist

    looking forward to seeing the beta’s

  9. I thought social network will extend from email services as – IMHO – ancestor of www world.
    Started when yahoo introduce yahoogroups where people with same interest can communicate, email extends its function not only P2P communication.
    Then IM start to take the lead, most of ppl use email not because they want to use it.. it because they love to interactively communicate with ppl in IM, they rarely checked email, only log in to the IM. Especially when the IM have more enhance features where user can sending a file P2P.
    Then, IM extends its function that we can stored any messages to an archive file. Which also one of email benefit.

    Then, social network portal… people register an email account so they can have a ‘residence’ in www and can apply to social network portal. in this portal, we can know and find more friend in a better way, can do a private messages (which email should take the part for this).
    Even, one of the research saying; most of youngster check their social network page than their email. 🙂

    This is the time; all store and forward messages should be only being done by email and any other application can do that should use this capabilities from existing email apps providers . Save space… less space, less electricity… stop global warming… 😛 (I’m taking it too far… )


  10. I use email at work. I’m starting to use Facebook to keep in touch with all my friends. I foresee this going further – “email accounts” will be like using a word processor — work only.

  11. I think it’s all because everybody wants to do everything in order to take the most profit out of it….
    How come smart ppl need to build a ‘PM’ engine in their social network while they actually know that all users are using their E-mail address as Social Network credential.
    I believe when all teenagers reach their productive age; ERPs will extends their capability into employees’ social networking… 🙂 mmmmh… somebody must’ve starting to build it now…

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