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  1. Don’t even get me started on a lawsuit that alleges that a treo “caused electrical shock to the user” or “mp3 player is useless.” The plaintiff in that suit sound like a group that could not find their asses with a map.

    Secondly, not for nothing, but HTC actually *makes* the Treo 650, and is supposedly building the 700w as well. In fact, HTC manufactures some of the products for all of the companies that you listed. Source your rebrands before villifying Palm next time – it’s ok to dislike aspects of the Treo or Palm OS, but back it up with something a little more substantial.

  2. Better to enable inter-operability with a standard OS. Now, that Palm has Windows, I guess I can buy a device that can work anywhere in the world with my XP laptop ;). I still want wi-fi (for Voip) and Treo needs to add native support!

    BTW, there are very few OS’s that are running on different devices to allow for seamless interaction..so even though it doesn’t make sense to you, to a majority of the people that want enhanced productivity and don’t give a damn about the OS wars or MS vs. Google – this makes sense!!!

  3. i wouldn’t hold my breath to see natively wifi/voip enabled devices coming to U.S. markets, as long as device-makers are in bed with wireless companies, for which wifi+voip is an inherent conflict of interest. A lady asked this very question at the end of the webcast, some time after minute 49, and the palm dude wasn’t at all comfortable answer that question. Of course he isn’t. He knows we want it. But hey, VZW wins.

    It’s going to take somewhat more visionary companies to truly bring devices that don’t suck to the U.S. market, ones who are built from the ground-up to profit from IP convergence.

    Verizon, Sprint, Cingular/ATT are all into ferociously protecting their oh-so-precious revenues from “voice minutes”, even if that means ostensibly telling us consumers to go f*** the h*** off.

    Fair enough. In time, what goes around will come around.

  4. What I have yet to understand is why a large electronics manufacturer like Sony, Apple, or even Nintendo doesn’t give the finger to the carriers and come out with a device that is based on GSM and sell it as pure hardware. The user can take the SIM out of their old Cingular or T-Mobile handset, pop it in, and be good to go. Once they sell a few million of them, the carriers will come begging for the priviledge of selling them (they would need to build a new model for Sprint and Verizon, but so what). If an electronics company went this route, they would be able to set the terms for what features are included and establish their own brand as bigger than that of the carriers.

  5. I would like to see what Jesse proposes. I think Apple could pull it off because their customers are willing to spend money for their products. But the discount a HW vendor can get when supplying a Verizon is tough to beat and gives them the opportunity to sell in volume which is what’s needed for profitability in the handset space. Apple shows you can differentiate on hardware and I hope Palm takes that to heart. I’ll definitely be checking out their Windows OS device when it comes out. Their current OS was the only thing holding me back so far so I view this as a good move.

  6. I am busted.

    I’ve been using Palm devices ever since 1999. Almost religiously. I was an addict and strongly believed in their superiority over PocketPCs, Psions, iPaqs, Nokia Communicators and all the other crap.

    Palm didn’t care… They built the Palm V which was a remarkably sexy device then and left the marketplace shortly afterwards. Handheld innovations came from Sony and Handspring, even from Microsoft.

    Years pass by. Palm boasts a new company name every now and then, merges and divorces its software division. They do nothing else. And now: A WindowsCE powered Treo. Holy crap…

    Nowadays Palm is in a state reminding me of Apple prior to Steve Jobs’ re-recruitment. With one significant difference: No Steve Jobs at sight. I am sorry for them.

  7. OK, here is one device that finally comes with WI-FI…HOORRAY!!!!!

    Holy Fudge, its CDMA, so I can only use it in the US, and I want to make cheap international calls..so I need a GSM devices..still waiting..

    Chris Holland, you got what you wanted, Natively supported Wifi is coming..there are a few more that MS is pushing UT to get to market with a few carriers…you will hear soon.

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  9. I’ve been asking around, and am surprised at the number of people who actually like the idea of a Treo-Windows device. Palm is great at user interfaces. If Palm builds a more usable Windows phone than the other Windows phones, then that’s enough differentiation for them.

    Of course that won’t be a sustainable value-add, especially in face of a sleek Moto Q, but we’ll see (if the Q turns out to be like the ROKR…). I’m disappointed that Palm could not build or switch to multitasking OS w/protected-memory model of their own, but as long as they continue to innovate with usability then they’ll have customers. They’ll probably fail at this eventually, but they have done better against Msft than I predicted 7 yrs ago, and it’s easy to see why if you compare PDAs or smartphones.

    When it all comes down to price efficiency, then Palm will probably disappear. Dell is better at this sort of thing.

    But for now, a reliable Treo is a good Treo. Hopefully, Palm will control the UI enough that it won’t even be obvious that it’s running Windows.

    To Jesse: that won’t work because of the carrier subsidies in the US. The device manufacturer will not be able to compete with carrier devices that are half or third the price. You’re talking about selling a $30 razor blade against $10 Gillettes, or a $600 game console against a $200 Playstation. NO ONE can survive like that, not even Apple. It’s hard enough to gain market share even if you had a device that cost the same amount.

  10. Hello Our There..

    Has it dawned on any Mac users that “We Are In Trouble!” I have loved my Treo for Years and now, what am I going to do? Be religated to some “oh by the way” customer who get’s a fill gap OS just to keep me from filling up email boxes. I hope someone is still banking on those Mac clients, they can still get some of my money.

    staff writer for

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