18 thoughts on “Palm being sued over Treo”

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  5. i recently brought palm treo 650 and had problems since day 2,
    my phone crashed now my headset speaker do not work,it resets itself i do not have any extra software added, and to top that off i only had it 1 month and paid alot of money for it.

  6. First day of operation – treo 650 crashed – had to be replaced – new phone – reboots when trying to access contacts or taping in a phone number – for no reason at all, poor sound quality, in fact this is the worst purchase I have ever made, once the contract is up – phone will go to the trash.
    Does anyone know where we can sign up to join in this class action lawsuit against Palm?

  7. I am also having the same issues with my Treo 650. Auto cycles, reboots for no apperent reason and poor sound qualty. Where do I sign up…completely fustrated with my treo and cell carrier

  8. Purchased a Treo 600 in April of ’05.

    Have had several battery problems where phone was turning itself off & on. This required hard boot. All data lost. Fortunately hot-synch worked so data was replaced.

    Phone also froze up frequently. received a replacement phone 3 weeks before 1-year manufacturer’s warranty expired. I still have another year on my calling plan. Will they replace the unit if this one crashes?

  9. in the first 30 days I went through 5 phones. then made it 5 months before the next total crash. then made made it 5 more months to my next total crash. I think i am on the 7th or is it 8th phone. As a business consultant working alone this has been costly so why you ask do I keep coming back. Because when it works it is good for keeping my business on track in many ways not available elsewhere. you would think the loyalty would be worth something to Palm.

  10. I have had this device replaced 6 times. It is pathetic. Sound is not as good as my first cellphone in 1992. Drops calls like crazy. Can’t be understood or understand others more than 50% of the time. It dumped my entire address book and overwrote my backup address book. Thankfully, I had the same address book in Yahoo so was able to get my data back, somewhat, entries made just to the Palm are lost forever. Won’t hotsynch now, for which I have to pay $30 to talk to Palm. Worst piece of technology I’ve ever worked with.

  11. I am on my 4th Palm Treo Phone (upgraded to 700p because I thought they would have worked out the issues that I had with the 650p), and I am having the same probems over and over. My calls aren’t coming through, I’m getting extremely delayed text and voice message notifications, the phone keeps crashing and resetting itself for no apparent reason….and don’t even get me started on how it acts when I try to use the bluetooth function. This phone is the worst phone that I’ve ever used…and the most expensive. Something is very wrong here!!!

  12. This is an old article but I’m commenting anyway. The Palm 750 should never have entered the market, it is a disgrace to technology and I think may even send communication technology back five steps. It is plagued with locking-up issues, audio problems and delayed answer annoyances that should have seen it recalled from the market but I guess it’s cute package sucked people in until it was too late time and time again. Anybody I know who bought this phone shares a little sympathetic grimmace when they see it in someone elses frustrated hand. I wish more people sued them into wanting to make a better product before they let a monster like this loose on the public again.

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