4 thoughts on “EVDO Rev A Arrives… Almost”

  1. Yeah… it still doesn’t work under OS X either…

    I wish Sprint was more open about this stuff. Its SOOOOO hard to figure out what services they offer and I’ve been trying to get EVDO for a month now…



  2. I find it interesting that Verizon and Sprint are more interested in going to Rev A than providing EVDO (of any sort) over their entire footprint. Wireless Redlining, I suppose. Still as a Verizon data subscriber, I’m more interested in having decent speeds everywhere than good speeds in some places and crappy speeds elsewhere. Isn’t ubiquity the advantage they are supposed to offer over WiFi?

  3. EVDO Rev. A allows for the foundation for better ReadyLink PTT and QChat. I am betting that there is Rev. A in some towers near Qualcomm in San Diego right now.

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