6 thoughts on “Ex-Googlers Ready to Start a VC Fund”

  1. With the stock as high as it is, we’re no doubt going to be seeing many more ex-Googlies in the months to come. But when it comes to VC firms, what are they doing for the little guys out there. Well, very little, of course – unless the “little guy” has the right connections.

    I have my own ideas about how to give the little guy a bit more leverage in the race to gain at least a little more weight. I posted this idea on my blog – My Good Idea – yesterday. The idea is for the taking, I’m curious if anyone thinks it has any merit.

    Check it out

  2. @Brainwave

    Good idea. It does make sense and allows many rich people to just take a piece of their monthly income from other passive investments and invest them.
    That said the legal issues are probably the wrinkle here, that is if you have over 95 investors. I can’t remember the specific reasons but that number stands out – it may have to do with extensive filings…..

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