5 thoughts on “Exponential, an Online Ad Network, Cuts Jobs”

  1. The second coming of the DOtCom crash!

    The Pendulum Swings! And the VC’s head for the hills (Sand Hills?).

    It never ceases to amaze me the group think (thunk) of this hoard of mostly ‘know it all’ / ‘know nothing’ blinkered wonders – who overvalue ad rev based start ups, pumped mindless millions $$$ into duplicate business models, and then bail when it gets tough, all too ready to throw in the towel.

    Adsense or Nosense?

    History does repeat itself.

    Knee jerk investing strategies – one following the other – what will we see fold next – what about rev share streaming sites – and all the duplicate biz models like Hulu, Zulu, Veoh, Cinemanow, Stage6, “etcetera etcetera” and the like – after throwing millions in licensing fee’s to the studio’s with less than expected revenue (oh really) these over valued companies run are not even covering their infrastructure costs.

    ‘Come to Jesus Time’ my beauties…ha ha ha

    The GrimReaper

  2. The pendulum has only swung to the other extreme if you think we’ve seen the bottom of this crash at this point. All the data says we have not yet begun the fright. Heck, treasury yields went negative today, if that doesn’t scream panic you’re just not listening.

  3. While we are all aware of the ongoing “meltdown” in ad revenues, one area that is bucking the trend is the middle east. Here we are experiencing a strong and steady growth in demand as it is one truly emerging new market. Several VC’s we are in contact with understand this and have not “thrown in the towel”. Stay tuned and let’s see how it all plays out!

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