7 thoughts on “Google Maps Outage. Did You Lose Your Way?”

  1. Thanks for the compliment Om! I would have blogged about the outage but I didn’t notice it. Perhaps it happened when I was in bed or only affected users in some regions. (Google Maps Mania)

  2. 1. It’s free with no SLA. If you are building mission critical apps based on free services, God help you.
    2. We will eventually look back on the concept of Web 2.0 (at least the way it is currently being implemented) as a colossal failure.

  3. Google maps appear to be working again. The city maps on Mapplr are showing the data points (hotels, restaurants) exactly where they should be. What a relief! However, I realized that I need to back up all of that geo data onto a file so that if Google Maps loses that information, I can easily recreate the maps. I’m not sure I’d called Web 2.0 a colossal failure. It has allowed me to build those city maps quickly, easily, at no cost and so far, they’ve helped a lot of people.

  4. Google thinks of itself as a company that no one can beat. All the Google blogs are up only to praise Google. If a site can’t be humble enough to mention beforehand something as trifle as an outage, then it is not serving its users right. Beware Google, this pride might take you to doom!

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