13 thoughts on “Facebook's mobile hype, eyeballs and dollars grow. Is that enough?”

  1. Om, I have always looked at Facebook as the second coming of Microsoft, and in this context, the smartest thing that Facebook could do would be to “embrace and extend” the mobile web so that users never really leave the Facebook environment.

    What that would do is enable them to: A) build a strong developer ecosystem alternative to iOS and Android that bridges desktop, mobile web and mobile native; B) Establish a billing relationship with their users in a manner that only Apple and Amazon can equal; and C) Build a user and usage graph that is far richer than anyone, even Google, can offer.

    There are lots of ways that those domains could be monetized. Plus, it sets up a mega merger between Microsoft and Facebook in 2015. 🙂

  2. “Any thoughts?” Sure, but if I tell you I have to …, ok you own me a coffee.

    Google Business Value = Eyeballs * Intent [0-1 range]
    FB Business Value = Eyeballs * ???

    Is there anything better than intent? Google wants to “search” before you know you need to do a “search”. What is required as an enabling data organization ….. context. To enable it one has to know how context is created and used {past, present, prediction (also known as a goal)}. Google has a guessed prediction (intent), FB has better past(?), present and needs to get to the prediction. Or how to convert research into a multiplier for eyeballs by not focusing on brand but on brand product. Or make it an Apple store for the rest, today’s highly standardized product comparison tables are, just to say to say it nicely, inadequate. Something Google can’t fix, keywords ….

  3. I expect that this version will be used just as an ambit to get people interested. In future versions, Facebook will add options/seek permission to track other usage on the phone from users (eg: calls, location, etc.). If that’s the case, Facebook can build a much better ad targeting platform, using all it knows from the social graph + what it can learn from consumer phone usage beyond just the Facebook app.

    That could be one reason for them to launch this on Android.

  4. Salutes to Mark Zuckerberg for being audacious and willing to try all possibilities to generate more revenue for the company. Along the way I hope he will not compromise his integrity and our privacy. I’ve yet to find a ad on FB which was useful or motivating enough for me to buy something. Instead my timeline has been flooded with spam which continues to come even after I mark it as spam. 🙂 I hope the phone will not interrupt my voice calls with jingles based on the context of my conversation. That would be very disturbing (and scary). Then again if they give the phone and service for free i’m fine with it. 🙂

    Thank you for covering this event.


  5. Zuck is going to float this only so long as he can create ROI for advertisers and Facebook. I dont think the medium has that kind of legs with out taking a mandatory approach to engagement!

    However, I havent drank the Koolaid and I am not sure he is going to make that shift the way he needs to.

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