21 thoughts on “Weekend Video: Fake Steve Jobs Has No Love for the iPad”

    1. Exactly. You won’t be able to read this post about the iPad on an iPad. This brilliantly sly post lets Om criticize the iPad without losing his Operating Thetan status at Apple.

      OK, I’m kidding, but the irony is tasty.

    2. Funnily enough, there aren’t any options as of now in terms of posting videos in different iPhone/iPad friendly formats. I could upload it to dot.mac but the performance is going to be pretty lousy if you ask me.

  1. Maybe a larger screen “is” what matters. Perhaps the iPad release was anti-climatic for the geek-a-rati, however it may prove to be perfect for those who want a bigger and more satisfying “content consumption” experience.

    My wife uses both an iPhone and netbook to look up recipes while cooking and baking – it’d be much easer to multi-touch around an iPad with flour on your finger than the other two choices.

    Just say’n. 🙂

    1. Agreed. Been tellin’ folks for awhile: don’t buy the 1st gen of any Apple product. Right around the 3rd or 4th gen is generally when the bugs are gone, the real features added and (sometimes) price makes sense. Actually, the only thing that really blew me away on the iPad was the price.

  2. My Moto Droid cant view flash either. Youtube it. Adobe needs to get left behind. We have plenty of processing power these days (I’m running @ 800 mhz) but no vendor support. IPad will be a fail, as consumers realize its just an iPhone that’s too big to pocket.

  3. It’s funny seeing the comments about trouble accessing the video with mobile devices. I had no problems viewing it with the “dying” platform…Windows Mobile 🙂

  4. Om,
    I am surprised you published this. It seems you got the bug on the iPad, and I was so impressed with your iPhone liberation.

    Both sides have it right. It is an ingenious new device that will introduce many new types of behaviors, and it also offers very little new over alternative technologies.

    My take, its another gadget. It might be useful to some, useless to others. But if this thing was created by Dell, HP, or Acer you can bet the conversation would have ended an hour after the launch.

    1. Oh I have the bug — the reason for that is that I think of iPad as a major step forward for our industry. I am in a minority for now, but in a year from now it would be so obvious that ipad changed the game forever.

      1. HTML 5 won’t get mainstream for at least next 3 to 5 years from now. There are already sleek and cheap tablets with Android like Archos 5 or Archos 7 that is coming and think Archos 9 won’t be far away.. all of them will be less than 14 mm thick (Archos 5 is 10 mm thick, has 720 video out, blah blah). There will be just a slew of cheap, 1080p capable, flash capable, thin, light smartbook tablets and convertibles running all kinds of OS’s (Android, WebOS, Maemo, Windows CE, Ubuntu ARM…)

      2. Om, you might be right, I expect APPLE would do a U turn and support Flash.The potential is there but for another three plus years , you are staring at blue squares.

  5. Oh well, Dan Lyons…best interview you could get there? Pretty sad. He’s definitely not a visionary and really has no idea what a vision is if it came up and snapped his girdle.

    What will people do with the iPad…a lot when it ships. Right now it’s just been announced and within 90 days could be a different product all together, but it will never be what all those other people desired it to be and who wanted to attach every energy sucking thing they could to it.

    Comparing it to the Kindle is like comparing a Ferrari to a VW Rabbit. Not a real show of brain power there Dan, at all.

    Color is one thing, faster processor another, 3G & Wireless another, USB port another, oh….64gb of storage…or if you start off small and go with 16gb you’re still 4x of what the Kindle has.

    I already covered COLOR…and…ooo….let’s see…OH!!! Over 140,000 APPS!!!!

    Take some Cymbalta Dan and go away.


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