19 thoughts on “Notes From a Conversation With Y Combinator's Paul Graham”

  1. Isn’t “Imitation the sincerest form of flattery”? Harry Potter can fulfill the needs of anyone that wants to read about that sort of thing, PG can not fund all start ups that need/deserve funding (or can he?). Why does he find it annoying? I am sure he tells his pupils that other companies copying their business model is just a sign that they have been successful and not to worry too much about them.

  2. “what huge thing is that you now have version one of?”

    Parse error. Is there a word missing? I could make a guess, but I want to get Paul’s meaning correct. Can you clarify whether this it a typo, or really what he said?

    1. Mark, I think he is saying: “What huge thing have you completed version 1 of?” Once you have more time and money, this is the idea that you feel will define your company; however, right now you have a more limited working version of it.

    2. Mark

      I tried to clear it up after getting on email with Paul, so let me know if you still have trouble understanding what was clearly my inability to be articulate.

  3. A Russian author did write a story about a Russianized Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s company sued them and successfuly blocked publication of the book. So J.K. Rowling is more than “slightly annoyed” in that scenario.

  4. “what huge thing is that you now have version one of?”

    Parse error. Is there a word missing?

    Thanks for notifying that Mark. As someone who speaks English as a second language, I also paused when I came across that weird sentence. Maybe it’s because the writer has re-constructed the conversation.

  5. “Some folks on Twitter are misconstruing these notes as an interview, which it is not. I hope I have made myself abundantly clear.”

    Considering your first sentence, “Last week, when down in Los Angeles, I had a chance to interview Paul Graham…” I’d say you’ve made yourself abundantly unclear; self-contradicting, even.

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