7 thoughts on “Video: iPad Impressions From John Doerr, David Carr & Josh Quittner”

  1. I like how John caught himself when he said that it’s going to change the state of American education, and then he realized he was talking to a dark-skinned person with a foreign accent and switched to “global education”. I’m just saying it was kind of funny to me, that’s all.

    1. Whats funny about the video ? I thought the important thing is to get the perspective of the three guys not the accent. I am surprised that John Doerr likes the iPad.

  2. Good interviews, with good perspectives. Thanks for airing this. One observation about the close up interviews bookending the video–who wants to see these people’s pores & wrinkles?!! 🙂 That’s the reason traditional TV news desks employ a separate camera person.

    Much better was when the video focused on the iPad itself being demonstrated, with voice overviews of the discussion with the SI guy talking about the product and Mr. Malik interacting with him.

    Wonderful dialog!

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