4 thoughts on “TechStars Grades Itself”

  1. Great to see such a high percentage of start ups still active. Innovation is still alive and we need more of this today and in the future. Is there a breakdown available from the list of active companies in terms of the sector or the specific field/space they are involved in?
    Didn’t know that Dropbox was a Y Combinator company.

    1. Dropbox is a stellar company and frankly I missed writing about them when I first met them. I dismissed them as yet-another-online-storage company and boy did they prove me wrong. Look at their numbers and growth rate — we wrote about it earlier — they are simply stealing the market from everyone and even getting people to convert.

  2. Wow! Terrific numbers.

    BTW – illustrates what can be done with a little assistance. A lot more impressive than, say, giving tax breaks to healthcare conglomerates, tobacco growers or the Oil Patch Boys.

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