5 thoughts on “iPhones — They Only Come Out At Night”

  1. Heh – I’d attribute this to the fact that the iPhone is a GREAT connected PDA, but a “you-can’t-be-serious!” bad phone – audio quality, call handling, SMS management, etc. πŸ™‚

    I know, I know, lots of iPhone lovers are going to jump me for this statement, but hey – the Nexus One is a great PHONE (but doesn’t hold a candle to the iPhone as a connected PDA).

    I can’t see the iPhone being used as a business phone (where voice calls and SMS matter) during day, but it sure makes sense at night, when you explore/play with apps πŸ™‚

    1. Are you just being a Nexus One/Google fanboy? πŸ˜‰ There are many of us that have no problems with call quality on AT&T or the iPhone whatsoever, and “SMS management” hasn’t been a problem at all. I’m not even sure what problems you’re referring to. I can do anything with a SMS that I could with the Android phone I ditched.

  2. Interesting to see iPhone users have something in common with the other mobile net users because it is very much in line with the timezone usage pattern we can see on other mobile net devices. (One exception might be Blackberry devices because of their business focus)

    More interesting would be WHERE they use their iPhone. (We found out that 70% of the usage of mobile net happens actually at home or at fixed locations)

  3. The stats are quite interesting but it makes total sense. I am still suprised about the use of the iphone as a “business” phone which I though had taken a dramatic shift and market share away from Blackberry as I know many business peopl ewho have switched from Blackberry to the iphone a sa business tool. Maybe my sample size is still too small to gauge that.Maybe it will be interesting to find out if it is trending that way. If such stat remains true and holds ground, yes then definitley the iPad will be a very popular device.

  4. It’s interesting and leads to the next question of where in the home people are using apps…
    On Apple’s page for the iPad pre order accessories page it says for the iPad dock:
    “Specifically designed for iPad, this dock gives it a place to call home on a desk, kitchen table, or entertainment center.”
    I suspect that Apple know that the kitchen is a major player in the next round of the battle of the apps.

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