6 thoughts on “For Apps, iPhone Growing Faster than Facebook”

  1. iPhone gives developers a bigger canvas to paint compared to FB in terms of UI elements, processing functionalities and a rich target audience to sell the apps to. However, as the number of apps grows, searching the quality ones is becoming a bigger problem for end users.

  2. But strategically they still have left an opening for another Company to take over the mobile apps market. While they have driven down the price for the consumer to acquire apps. They haven’t done much to broaden the “Programmers” base.

    What I mean here in a very simplified way:

    First came the Spreadsheet, which converted “normal” office workers into accountants without their support staff (mainframe programmers). Then we got macros, which converted the “lets try this” accountants into “lets try this” programmers. This trend continued on with VB. To converting “normal” people into Gamers, Wii.

    We haven’t seen this trend in the online (just throwing mobile and web together) world to get to a “lets try this”. The entry to programming is still to complex in this world.
    I think Apple being Apple will not solve this, nor Google with its “we know best” attitude. Facebook?

    The Web and mobile still require a lot of support staff (programmers). Just like reports produced by the good old accountants did, where is the spreadsheet? Over simplified? I know. But the premise of “smart” machines is to get rid of support staff(sorry).

  3. You should compare the number of tomatoes and potatoes in a store. You should get the same useless statistics 🙂

  4. Lols Facebook is a social client. Iphone is a complete os with gps, battery, g-sensors…the list goes on. The comparison makes as much sense as comparing Twitter development to Windows development. A more direct comparison would be Apple and android development, as they are at least comparable platforms.

  5. And comparing Android to the iPhone, it’s not really fair to say that Android is catching up to iPhone in terms of apps. Of course they are but it’s not because of popularity, it’s just because iPhone app developers are now making a Android version of their app as well.

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