2 thoughts on “Faster DSL, too slow”

  1. They make more money off of slow DSL than fast fiber, and they won’t deploy fiber until they’re given a free regulatory ride….

    I wouldn’t call their plans “getting serious” about DSL. The nation should have been wired for vanilla DSL two years ago. If they were serious about DSL they’d be thinking ahead and installing ADSL2 or VDSL gear….

  2. VZ is so overly laden with corporate manner and culture that it will take forever for the company to truly take giant steps toward both social and economically productive endeavors.

    VZ was late to the DSL party. And now this annoncement really just underscores how it will take baby steps in an attempt to charge more for a certain user type. No pro-active thinking or actions here, such as spearheading an effort to introduce what the bigger players upstairs at VZ would no doubt perceive as a threat to their basic copper business.

    And this, no less, from a company that backed into wireless (the entire marketing thrust came from the BellAtlantic side of the house, back when that was their first JV foray before the merger), yet now sees massive profits from this area…which also threatens the basic copper business.

    I had meetings with NYNEX wireless people some years back. These guys didn’t have a clue. They had no interest in or perception of how the users related to the product. Their single and sole goal was to charge as much as possible for as little as possible. Totally max out profits and make the division look good, that was all they thought about.

    When discussions of share of market, user needs and desires, and even upsell and retention came up, there was only a smattering of interest. It struck me as the NYNEX types being more polite than really taking a serious interest.

    Not much, actually, has changed, except that share-of-market is now crucial, so they price the plans (and some of the bundled service offerings) competitively –but always in a reactive manner, never from a pro-active initiative.

    Watch for VZ not to take real progressive, market leading or forward-thinking DSL action or larger scale offering until either alternative carriers, or the cable companies take a major marketing step forward. Then, and only then, will the reactive and protective minds at VZ see any sort of light.

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