4 thoughts on “Sweet homecoming ….”

  1. Hey, I’m allowed to talk smack at least until the All Star break. After that, I will revert back to “frustrated boston fan,” but until then…

    Let’s Go Red Sox.

  2. How very sad that within 24 hours of the Yanks taking their rightful place in the standings, and on the precipice of Boston’s expected fall from the top…that the Sox’s losing streak and who knows what else (health, eating habits, hereditary factors?) resulted in Boston GM MIke Port suffering a heart attack.

    Of course we wish him a speedy full and total recovery. We wouldn’t want him to miss seeing the annual choke, the usual Yankee act of surpassing and overtaking his team.

    I wonder if, in the hospital they brought him to, he is in room 1918?

    All is becoming correct, after an awkward season opening, in the AL East.

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