4 thoughts on “Faster & faster! The US now has 82.4 million broadband connections”

  1. The difference between having broadband and not having broadband is like the difference between the internet 10 years ago and today. It’s the new boundary of the digital divide. I can’t imagine not having broadband .. that would literally change the way I live.

  2. I’m guessing there are multiple people using those accounts in many cases because otherwise 82.4 million broadband users out of a population of 300 million just doesn’t seem right.

  3. Broadband is expanding in general (fixed and wireless) but we also see wireless generally displacing landline including fixed broadband.

    We discuss this in a recent blog post: http://wp.me/pvknZ-dO

    Fred Taylor

  4. The numbers would look significantly different if you changed the broadband breakpoint


    “Broadband” >= 6mbps


    “Broadband” == 6mbps

    For those like myself with no cable company in their neighborhood because the cable company cant make a business case out of building infrastructure we are stuck with 6mbps DSL.

    As long as the FCC sees 6mbps as progress rural broadband remains a joke. Pretty sure they are just hoping wireless solves all problems. Sucks for us.

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