6 thoughts on “What Tumblr's sale means for New York startup ecosystem”

  1. In buying Tumblr, Yahoo’s Marisa Mayer proved she has both vision and guts.
    And we thought only Shell’s Peter Voser had the right stuff.

  2. Good for Yahoo!, good for Marissa Mayer, good for NYC, good for the Tumblr team… good for Tumblr users? We shall wait and see…

    1. No, not so much. I remain highly skeptical that Yahoo has any innovation left in them. Mayer has not impressed me as a leader to do anything but bring a staid corporate mindset to what was once a hot property.

      Handling Tumblr’s sale appropriately is what will tip her hand as an Internet savvy player. So in one way it’s good. At least we will see if she does something good or is just another Murdock with Myspace!

  3. Let the summer acquisitions begin. Here’s a few predictions for who’s next to go…Pinterest, Dropbox, AirBnB, Outbrain, Adblade, Square and Klout.

  4. “finally in New York people who build things are getting rich versus people (Wall Street) who take things.”

    This is nonsense. Tumblr was famous for not hiring many engineers until very late, even its first engineer wasn’t a co-founder and is most likely getting between 1 and 5% of this. All the ones after him far less. There are probably going to be less than 10 employees turned multi-millionaires out of this deal. Almost all of the money made from this is by investors/VCs, not the “people who build things”.

    Tumblr is a CDO flipped back and forth between VCs and dumped at its peak onto a greater fool.

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