4 thoughts on “FCC Chairman: Why We Need More Wireless Spectrum”

  1. Your claim: “This is the first time in 25 years that the FCC has passed an order that frees up wireless spectrum and makes it available unlicensed for innovation” is nowhere close to true. The initial WiFi order was followed up by allocations at 3.8, 5.4 – 5.8, and 60 GHz, not to mention the UWB overlay at 3-10 GHz.

    We’ll see what happens with WS, but it’s unlikely to live up to the hype.

  2. It is unlikely 300MHz of spectrum will be available in urban markets. Unless the FCC pushes out all the small TV license holders in NYC for instance.

    300MHz will be available in rural Iowa…but not much of a market there to develop WiFi devices… Urban markets are where people live and the “Super-WiFi” market…

    I would look to short range 60Ghz spectrum to be the in-home “super-WiFi” winner.

    I wish reporters would dig further into this and press this issue………..TV White Space in Urban America is a myth under current FCC rules….

  3. With the freeing up of the TV spectrum it brings in new possibilities for small towns and areas to begin offering high speed internet at an affordable rate. I sure hope my home-town begins something like that.

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