17 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Shows Mobile VoIP Is Rocking”

  1. since nimbuzz uses XMPP/Jingle it would be the perfect app to add gmail voice calling as an option. it would be really great to be able to use google voice over 3G and/or wifi from nimbuzz.

    any plans to add this?

  2. Sorry but I can’t resist.

    This is a complete fabrication and manipulation of stats. Fact checking in journalism seems to be a thing of the past Om. Present it more accurately as what it is, a PR piece designed to create the “everybody is atlready at the party” effect.

    1. Hi Arlo,

      Tobias from Nimbuzz here. I want to assure you that none of our numbers are fabricated. While some of them are even public – see: http://www.getjar.com/mobile/6865/nimbuzz or: http://eu.techcrunch.com/2009/07/30/nimbuzz-releases-app-for-android-and-research-into-use-of-im – we have been very open with communicating our user numbers as well as downloads, and I don’t see how the above analyst data would be misleading either.

      Please feel free drop me a line anytime at tobias at nimbuzz dot com



      1. @Arlo

        Wow! That’s awesome! You used Compete which… err… estimates US traffic. That’s the US only, bot the other 95% of the world.

        Given that Getjar’s customers are mainly Asian and European you can probably draw the conclusions yourself.

        Now that you’ve proved you’re incompetent do you want to apologise to Om and Nimbuzz?

    2. Interesting, though I know that we get a ton more hits on our site, so I don’t know which single country Compete might be measuring here.

      Furthermore, we get 50% of our downloads from our mobile get.nimbuzz.com website, which doesn’t seemed to get measured in.

      Also, unlike others, we do not force people to update the app via GetJar, and on top of that we have apps such as our Blackberry, Android, and iPhone apps that are downloaded directly from the stores.

      Hope this helps : )

      If you want more facts, please feel free to send me an email to tobias at nimbuzz dot come

      1. Hahaha, this is LOL funny. When faced with facts, Arlo turns tail and runs away. Does not apologize for stating false facts and calling out people or at least aknowledge his flawed argument. You are a man with diapers! I suggest instead of spendng time trying to berate your competitors who are a million times better than you, spend that time fixing your crappy iCall software!!! You guys had to close down the Facebook site and turn tail because your own users where exposing you for your lies and poor service. You should be ashamed to even try to criticize your own competitor that is stating facts and not trying to create fake buzz online about a pending sale like you did with your crappy Icall. You all are running on fumes, on one 5 year old review from the NYT!!! Never in a million years will you stand toe to toe with Nimbuzz. So cut out the crap and swallow the sour grapes. Take a warm bath and ask mama to put your pacifier into your mouth. You need to chill – is what I am trying to get at!!!!!

  3. Good to know that Nimbuzz is rocking and gaining market share. Being one among the Nimbuzz India’s ambassadors users frequently asks me when this video calling feature can be expected. Hope team Nimbuzz rolls it out soon. Cheers!

  4. Stats are really awesome. Most of the people say that the reason behind this over whelming popularity of voip phone service is its low price. I say price might be the factor but not the only factor. We should remember that voip phone vendors offer features that ordinary land line service providers can’t even think of.

  5. Cool — when will Nimbuzz actually have a revenue model? Right now, this just seems like a PR piece designed to get Skype interested in buying them…

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