7 thoughts on “Hello fring, This Is Android & Money Calling”

  1. Great piece Om. Apple is rapidly handing the keys of the Mobile VoIP kingdom to Google / android. Interesting times for VoIP service providers and developers. Love this space!

  2. jeez what has tech come to? we measure companies by daily income?
    talk about small fries. or maybe relative to non- games, non-angry birds, this is the best an app can expect.

    1. These are still early days in the Android world, so I guess it is ok. Moreover you dont need more than 10 engineers to build an app for Voip, so 10k$ a day is pretty good.

  3. as somebody that frequently calls international and have tested all the major VOIP services (Jajah, Skype, Fring, etc), the best service and international rate that i get is from Rebtel. Take a look at their service.

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