19 thoughts on “With Twitter Deal Kleiner Perkins Spends for Cachet”

  1. Isn’t it crazy for KPCB to be paying $150M just for a 4% stake in Twitter ?

    It doesn’t make sense for someone like KPCB to be paying that much just to get into the hot startup….

  2. ….”Twitter, as I wrote earlier, is going to see significant growth in emerging Internet economies like India, Brazil and Indonesia in the coming years”

    I disagree. There will be new offerings and/or local technology flavors in each of these respective countries. I still struggle to find the time to pull up my Twitter account anytime during the day.
    The valuation is completely insane. Facebook apparently is looking to do $2b in revenues this year and Groupon is in the hundreds of millions in revenue and only getting stronger. For Twitter to be valued at 60% of Groupon (Google premium price) is absurd.
    Nevertheless, hope the Twitter employees are cashing out a piece of their holdings…

      1. Om this is very interesting to see VC’s like John Doer investing without a board seat. wonder why twitter guys did not think John Doer was a better Board member than the two independents they got on the Board Recently?

  3. Doerr is close with the President sitting again this past week and in that context the Twitter investment makes sense. KP is paying huge just to capture imagination –to stay on tips of tongues long enough to get a few pieces of shit in which they have invested much more to IPO before IPOs are no longer possible at least in U.S. dollars.

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