14 thoughts on “RIM In Talks To Buy Gist”

  1. Gist are a great crew, TA McCann is an awesome guy (and a pretty good runner as well!) but a purchase by RIM? Sounds like the kiss of death to me, second only to Y!

    1. How is it a kiss of death? Care to elaborate or is it simply because you’re a hater. Hating RIM is so trendy, right?

      1. Hater? I’d consider myself neither a fan-boy nor a hater-boy, merely someone who gives a viewpoint based on a broad perception of the marketplace.

        It seems to me that RIM has failed to innovate in the past few years and their heady days of being “the cool thing” have long gone. Not being cool is one thing, but when enterprise users, like the ones I speak with, yearn for the day when hey can ditch their “shitty old blackberrys” and replace them with an iOS or Android deivce… well that’s telling….

  2. Gist is a great service but it seems to be lacking a portal. I think RIM could REALLY benefit from Gist because GIST’s power lies in USING the service, not just compiling the information. I love that GIST exists but I don’t want to use the web interface. I’d MUCH prefer it to be on my cell phone. This is good stuff and GIST deserves it. They have a great service that is much more “address book on crack” than “CRM” like HighRise.

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