9 thoughts on “For Oracle, Big Data Translates Into Big Bucks”

  1. Not true that Oracle doesn’t follow technology trends. Last year, the company boosted sales productivity and reduced training costs by using what’s called virtual instruction-led training (VIRT), a new trend in synchronous virtual training pioneered by 3g Selling (a client of mine).

    Of course, someone needs to challenge Ellison for his attack of cloud computing, which seems more like a linguistic fracas than a dispute about what everyone is doing with data storage and access.

  2. In the con call, Ellison talks about new products and services coming out next year to address private and public clouds as well as a new suite of applications.

    Factual (www.factual.com) closed a large funding round this week from A&H and Salesforce.com announced the Database.com cloud service recently, both addressing the big data market but for companies that cannot afford in-house online data warehousing.

  3. The author forgot to mention Solaris OS – the most advanced server OS now. Sun Hardware + Sun Solaris + Oracle Middleware/DB. This is a very good proposition.

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