15 thoughts on “First Facebook App Up For Sale On Ebay”

  1. I didn’t expect to see a facebook application up for sale on ebay, but hey I guess people sell websites all the time, and if you get good enough at developing a facebook app and don’t want to personally run it then it seems like a good idea.

  2. I’m not surprised by this. Call me pessimistic, but Facebook has lots of flaws…especially the applications. Granted, Facebook is an amazing platform with lots of potential. There are just a lot of crappy apps. If you haven’t noticed, there are many apps that copy off the same themes. How about creating something truly useful instead of allowing me to trash other people. Oh by the way, Facebook self service advertising does not work. I tried it and got a terrible response. I contacted their ad support group via email and they essentially said sorry better luck next time. Hopefully Facebook figures out how to filter out the bad apps and create a truly self service ad platform complete with analytics. When that happens, I’ll be eager to advertise again.

  3. Why does selling on eBay equate to a “top” of the market? The fact that it’s possible to sell something like this on eBay suggests that there’s a market, not that we’ve hit the top of the market.

  4. “Hopefully Facebook figures out how to filter out the bad apps”

    Who gets to decide what apps are bad and what aren’t? Granted, “You have been punched by X, add this app to punch them back” may seem pointless to you and I, but people still like and use them. If Facebook chooses to filter out such apps, some users won’t be happy and it makes the platform less open.

  5. applicationcreations.com is also a site where people can sell their pre-built apps. Doesn’t look like they have any for sale yet.

    What is the AdSense type ad platform for Facebook apps? I know I saw a company that was doing it someone but can’t find it again. Can you use google AdSense on Facebook apps?

    1. Our Facebook Gift Apps Generator allows you to add google adsense, cj, shareasale etc etc within two banner areas of our gift applications. You will also have Super Rewards inside which can generate revenue every time a user needs more points to send gifts.
      You can generate as many applications as you want.

  6. Facebook’s apps are silly, but wildly popular. The initial asking price of these applications may seem cheap at first, but as larger companies realize the potential of the Facebook user-base and Facebook applications, prices are sure to increase. Even a goofy “x slapped you, slap back!” has potential… they could obtain so much information on demographics, etc.

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  8. What a great story of an entrepreneurial team knowing how to focus their time on areas which make them more money. This is really a story on focussing on other applications which they are developing which have more traction and jettisoning those that are underperforming.

    Great growth strategy.

  9. This app just sold for a whopping $2,550! What’s interesting is the application only has an estimated 120 users or so, which means this seller got $21.25 per user!

    There were 3,047 views of the auction as well. It will be interesting to monitor sales prices of Facebook applications on eBay over time to see what apps fetch per user for different niches. I suspect we will begin to see “made for sale” Facebook applications in the near future, even businesses with this as their primary revenue source.

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