3 thoughts on “First GSM call was made 20 years ago today”

  1. Thanks. I am beginning to appreciate, at OM-last, that its the NETWORK. Zynga want big bucks to join such a party; never mind older behemoths who are also entering my peripheral vision. Today the soap opera that is silicon valley has been extended to far colder climes, though, pace Harri, celebrity is a tag that is unlikely to be being keyed in “näillä main”

  2. being in the telecom industry it gives u a prospectus of how things have changed ….
    specially like liked the video
    hope such post come often …

  3. GSM is primitive compared to today’s standards, but it was good for network operators.

    As each new generation of transmission standard comes out, the walled-gardens of the networks starts to crumble.

    The crazy deals the network cartels offer, for “phone calls” and SMS are all walled-garden products. We don’t actually need such products or any services from networks. All we need is for them to deliver to us zeros and ones, and then get out of the way.

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