7 thoughts on “How to save money on phone calls when traveling”

  1. These apps enable you to make free calls to US and Canada as long as you have Google voice:

    For iOs, there is Talkatone, and for Android, Groove IP. As long as you have WiFi, you can call US and Canada for free.

  2. Beautiful, great post! very practical. I know that this post is for traveling solutions but for my UK business I’m using a VoIP # i bought from keshercommunications.com & they helped me to install on my iPhone a soft-phone called Bria ($8.99 in the App Store). I’m paying them 8p per minute usage & that way i can keep traveling in the world & call to my employees in the UK.

    I used Jajah for 1 month & left without any budget to buy food. It worked good but sooooo expensive!!

    1. Hi Yam ,

      U r right . Jajah is very expensive as they charge you for both calls , Originatinng and terminating calls and also it is not a good idea to use Jajah while u r travelling as it will cost you for roaming for incoming calls until and unless you are using your hotel or any other landline of the country u r travelling to .

      Bria is good but then you need an account with any voip provider which you can find many of them now a days .

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