15 thoughts on “First Impressions: A Kindle worthy of Touch”

  1. so, here is the key test: can I turn the pages of the Kindle touch wearing my leather gloves while I’m waiting outside for bus, tram etc? Probably not important in California 🙂 but a necessity in Amsterdam in November!

    1. Oh shoot! Kerry, I responded to your comment thinking it was about the Kindle Fire. My bad. 🙁

      I’ll let Om put gloves on and test the Touch. Since it uses infrared sensors and not a touchscreen, it may well work. 🙂

    2. Buy a Nook Simple Touch instead. B&N left the page turn buttons, a swell as adding swiping and hot spots for touch use.

  2. I’m also awaiting my Kindle Touch (only ordered it on Monday) but I’m glad to hear the thoughts are positive so far. I’ve missed having my Kindle and have been reduced to reading via the Kindle app on my iPhone or iPad. But I miss the device itself!

  3. Just sent back the Kindle Fire. It felt terrible in the hand, the screen was too small for its weight, navigating the carousel was too awkward and it didn’t support Exchange.

    Fire has some nice touches, though. The UI is simpler than stock Android. Prime video integration is great. Amazon’s app market feels much better than Google’s, and the addition process is easier. After iPad, though, you do feel something is missing.

    Based on Om’s comments I think I’ll try a Touch.

  4. I think that 6″ is the perfect size for a mobile tablet. Its a mini step up from the new Note e.g. If only they made a real tablet with that kind of screen, though with smaller bezel that would take it less than 4″ wide.

  5. Still love my Kindle “Keyboard”. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m growing bored with touchscreens. Love the “clicks” when flipping pages on the ond Kindles (and plan on ditching my iPod with a touch screen and get one of those Classics before they go out of line)…

    Maybe I’m just getting old?

  6. I got my Kindle Touch two days ago, and it’s great. The keyboard and menu are a big improvement. The only problem I’ve had is highlighting text that continues from page to the next.

  7. Got my Kindle Touch two days ago, and I love it. The keyboard and menu are a big improvement over Kindle 3. My only problem has been highlighting text that continues from one page to the next.

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