9 thoughts on “How fiber broadband changes a city”

  1. Om Malik always comes up with the best stuff! At City Wireless Consulting, we are forever professing the importance of a fiber-loop for backhaul and improved efficiency of a wireless network with more than one hub. We have been working with a town in Colorado, finally convincing them of this importance. Towns which loop fiber early, reap benefits forever. When we see a town still on an incumbent carrier’s Centrex or something like it, or a hybrid IP-PBX we always cringe.

    Cities do not generally have techies on the city council. Worse, when the city councils decide what “expert” to hire as IT manager, they usually don’t have a clue how to evaluate who knows what. It just keeps rolling downhill.

    Usually, we find a city IT guy who liked “Motorola” back in the great war and we are therefore relegated to his wife’s second cousin who is the local distributor, regardless of whether it will work or not (Motorola is just used as an example). Oh well.

    Good job, as usual, Om.
    Bobby Vassallo

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