2 thoughts on “Five New Jobs Created by Web 2.0”

  1. I’ve been selling with CafePress and Zazzle for 3 years now… not getting rich, but it is some extra money coming in. Until last month I was using just the sales I got through their directory, which really wasn’t much. I hadn’t really done much to market or advertise the fact that I run 65 CafePress shops, but last month I began building a free website of my own, useing FreeWebs.com, on which to sell the products from all of my 65 CafePress shops in one place, outside of thier directory. The site itself is still under construction, but already I have seen an increase in my sales.

    I am a writer of science-fiction and romance and have considered publishing my books with Lulu, but for now I’m useing local print shops, but I want to go global so I’m looking for online POD printers like Lulu.

    Good article! Great recomendations!


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