7 thoughts on “Ready or Not, AT&T Sells Uverse”

  1. I have frozen screens,transmissions frequently. Cancellations of movies without notice. Have repeatedly asked for At&T Uverse to add the “Reminder” programing screen to their service for the last eight months. This suggestion has fallen on “deaf” ears. Time-Warner has this feature and it is “great”! Maybe if the powers that be at the helm would take the time and effort to view the entire operations of “Time-Warner’s” channel line-up and the “Remind” or “Do Not Remind” or “Cancel” screen they would have more viewers or subscribers. I’m getting tired of missing certain movies or programs because uverse doesn’t care about their subscribers. Help!!

  2. You guys must be living on a different planet! In August 2007, I moved to Redford, MI, from Detroit Hell. In Detroit, with the exception of several competing and poorly functioning satellite services, we were saddled with Comcast Cable. It was overpriced, slow, spotty — pretty much everything I wanted to get away from.

    When we bought out new house in Redford, MI, I learned that I had potentially stepped from the frying pan into the fire because, again with the exception of the same ‘iffy’ satellite services, I was stuck with something worse than Comcast cable that goes by “Bright House.” Fortunately, I had done my homework and was aware that not only was ATT’s U-verse available at my new residence but it was ‘alive and well.’

    Let me tell you, I have NEVER experienced better ‘cable’ (if you want to call it that) and high speed internet than I have with ATT’s U-verse. I got totally free installation that included a DVR for one of the drops as well as two other drops at no additional charge (I paid Comcast extra for just one extra). Then I was offered up to a total of SIX drops (only four can function at one time) for an additional $5.00 per month FOREVER, including the boxes, remotes, etc.

    I almost forgot to mention that their ‘modem’ includes free Wi-Fi for hundreds of feet around my property AND there are thousands of free Wi-Fi hot spots (almost every McDonalds in Michigan)!!! What is NOT to like???

    The wiring job in my basement ceiling is perhaps the most professional I have ever seen – even surpassing the work the electricians did when they upgraded my breaker box to 100 amp.

    I only have one HD TV, but when I opted a few days ago to activate the service, I had incredible phone support followed by someone at my door the next morning to explain tweak and fine tune the whole shebang and even advise me how to hook up my video players and recorders.

    I can’t say enough good things about this service. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, as I am seriously considering having them put me on their payroll for all the positive PR I am giving them.

    Thank GOD for U-verse…and may all the cable and satellite companies dies a rapid and painful death.

    1. I hope I have the good experience you’ve described, Rob; I just signed up for ‘AT&T’s ‘U-verse’, having been saddled with BrightHouse and their monopoly over Cable TV here in Redford for years! I just couldn’t take their latest price increase – and I HATE monopolies!
      I don’t think the ‘AT&T’ rep offered me quite as good a deal as you got more than 18 months ago – but close. I get a ‘new user’ discount for the first 6 months that will probably give me more channels, for considerably less money, than ‘BrightHouse’ was giving me.
      I’ll do a review later for others in the area here for others who want another option – hopefully I’ll sing praises, too!
      – Greg, of Redford, MI

  3. Uverse is great. It actually meets my expectation. Exactly what I need. I don’t know but I guess AT&T is the only provider who offers TV program packages like for sports addict, movie buffs, family oriented…etc I think it could really be a big savings.

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