7 thoughts on “Flickr, a YahooCo Paid For By Google”

  1. Excuse me? They are giving market share for Google with that. How can you flip this and say that Flickr/Yahoo are the ones somehow making a profit on top of Google?

    Google takes a good share of that ad revenue…

  2. No google adsense ads on pro accounts that I can see. I’ve got none on mine.

    And, given the amount of traffic flickr has and how generous they are with free accounts, I don’t have a problem with them putting text ads on free accounts. If they put them on my pro account that I paid for, then we’ll have a problem.

  3. well, i don’t have a pro account, so perhaps that is why. i think it is still ironic that is the case, even though Yahoo has its own overture service which does precisely that.

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