12 thoughts on “Who Says Flock Switching to Chrome? Not Flock”

  1. Flock would definitely be interested in Chrome because of the new Javascript engine that Chrome has. Since a lot of what Flock is about is social networking, and a good majority of the social networking sites out there utilize AJAX in some fashion, it only makes sense that Flock would want a core browser that has a fast Javascript engine.

  2. @Jonathan

    you are absolutely right. it is a faster DOM and a faster javascript engine which makes it a better execution engine for web apps

  3. The only problem with that sentiment is that Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are all “within the margin of error” on JavaScript performance. Moving to an entirely new code base based on almost immeasurable JavaScript performance differences doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Firefox is actually coming out slightly ahead of Chrome in JS perf and slightly behind Safari in JS perf.

    – A

  4. Why not. Most of the internet users were switching and getting used to chrome’s speed and smartness. There is every reason for ‘Flock-people’ to go for a switch.

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