4 thoughts on “Fonality, Asterisk’s Best Buddy”

  1. It will be instructive to do a cost comparison between a standard PBX vs. an Asterisk based PBX. Is there a coparison study done that compares the total system price including the cost of the stations, the analog cards etc?


  2. We installed a Fonality PBX system for our call center in Mexico, and we are thrilled with the functionality and reliability of the product. If I had to invest my life savings into one company, other than HireWorkers.com, this would be it.

  3. We are a small resale voip to small business. We
    have lots of problems with the trix box.
    1. dropped calls
    2. fast busy
    3.sounds like under water
    4. half words
    We have tested all our T-1’s,DSl, and time Warner. No problems found.
    will you system help this if so let me know and we will test it on one off our servers.

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