12 thoughts on “Fonality Launches trixnet, Free VoIP Service”

  1. These disparate databases of usernames and phone numbers need a standard access protocol such as XML/SOAP. In other words, simply make these system databases web services. Everyone can keep their own system of users and share them at the sametime.

  2. @Rick:

    Hear! Hear! There is no need for a central entity; don’t have to wait for Fonality to reach critical mass. Indeed there can be multiple databases and a PBX will consult a bunch of them before determining the end-point address. This way we achieve interoperability between multiple PBX vendors.

    By the way Om, does “the call [really] go[es] over trixnet if the system finds it in the database? Does Fonality run a transport network connecting all the PBXs? I would have thought that they are running a kind of “directory” service and with the net services concept anybody can run this service.

  3. It is their directory service and the way i understood is that some of the traffic might be flowing over their managed IP network. I can check with Chris and get back to you.

  4. I don’t think it uses DUNDI. trixnet seems to be a private peering system, sort of like ENUM. DUNDI is a peer-to-peer system. trixnet and seem more secure and allow the various nodes to know nothing about each other and not even be connected.

    It also requires no configuration to setup as it seems to be automatically working when you use trixbox.

  5. I wonder what their dealers think of the hosted model? Why would anyone pay for trixbox certification when you can get asterisk certification for around the same amount?

    What is so great about trixnet ? ENUM has been available for years and is very easy to setup. Trixbox did run FreepBX at one time which had a one click ENUM enabled. Even one of their employees created an easy how to guide.

    Its easy enough even for those not running asterisk and running on an open provider like viatalk.com where you can use your sip address directly.



  6. Aswath and others,

    this is from Chris Lyman:

    the call goes point-to-point (peer-to-peer) once trixNet verifies that both sides are in the database and provides the calling side with the receiving side’s location.

  7. I would assume hey act like a SIP nameserver and/or router. If you look at Chris’s background you may find some clues to where they are going. It’s not about the PBX or Asterisk, it about Fonality becoming a service provider and they want account control at the end user level. Not a bad move on their part, it allows them to scale up quickly and avoid the headaches of scaling up manufacturing.

  8. I’ve looked at Fonality and TrixBox – both built on top of Digium’s Asterisk. Pretty impressive stuff, I think…though I haven’t had a chance to use it. Still, Skype is in the best position to capitalize on the small business market though it will fast lose that position if it doesn’t take advantage of it.

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