2 thoughts on “Qwest, looks at its Bell past, for its future”

  1. Om

    Surprised at your thought “hether it wants to mop-up other smaller regional players, or throw in its lot with one of the two large Bells, Verizon or AT&T.” That would imply they are too small to reach economies of scale. But they are a $13B per year company, plenty big to spread their costs and buy in large volume. In the case of Verizon, I have a feeling it got too big, and is therefore less efficient.

    Qwest merging into AT&T or Verizon is particularly bad public policy. Competition on the Internet backbone has declined drastically, with 4 or 5 companies dominating in the U.S. Prices haven't gone up, but with fewer companies we may have issues of market power. Am I wrong?


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