25 thoughts on “For Google, the Cloud Is Its Mobile Future”

  1. As is pointed in the article, this is Google’s answer to Siri. (http://wp.me/pGHMS-T) They both rely on the cloud while limiting the number/types of actions that are possible to make the magic possible. It will be interesting to see how Apple repackages Siri into something that is native in the iOS devices.

  2. Om – it will be good if you take your iPhone fixation while discussing Android – Google’s voice capabilities are miles ahead of Siri! By the way we await the Gigaom Android app that you promised weeks back while you launched the GigaOm iPhone app.

  3. D’OH!

    Unless Google ceased to by a Marketing firm overnight, there isn’t anything new here. Google strategy has always been to profit from the info it obtains from its “free” Internet based services and applications. For Google, the “Cloud” has always been its present and future, no “mobile” qualifier needed.

  4. “If there was any doubt that mobile and the cloud will eventually converge, Google is putting it to rest.”

    Google isnt the first one to do it. Apple has benn doing it with its .Mac service. Nokia has a fine service in Ovi. there have been other services like mobical.net, zyb.com, scheduleworld.com etc which let you sync your mobile with the cloud.

    actually mobile+cloud : didnt iPhone kind of popularise that?

    by the way, who is going to be the first service to make money selling Android Anti Virus software?

    synccing bookmarks, contacts, map data, etc all have been possible in various ways. its just that Google has a louder voice in the world of PR and media space.

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