4 thoughts on “As Need For Mobile Speed Grows, 3.5G Networks Boom”

  1. HSDPA+ is just a remote firmware upgrade sent to all the base station cell towers. Basically every HSDPA market can rather easily upgrade to support HSDPA+ by just remotely upgrading the firmware in those existing towers.

    HSDPA+ increases maximum bandwidth, but it does not increase the capacity. The way it works, as far as I understoof, is just that it allows the receiver to connect to more towers and more frequencies in the same spectrum at the same time and thus accelerate the transfer. But if many users are in the same area using each a lot of bandwidth, then it won’t matter if you are using HSDPA+ or normal HSDPA, it only speeds things up slightly if you are in an area alone in the middle of the night taking all the cell towers bandwidth all for yourself.

  2. Just a small geographic quibble with your map. I assume you are highlighting the countries with HSPA+ networks, and not the reach of the networks. In that case, all the islands above Canada (other than Greenland) should be coloured in.

    If these islands aren’t coloured in because there isn’t HSPA+ coverage there, then the portion of the map of that is coloured in (and I’m sure the map of the US as well) would have to be redrawn.

    As small niggle, but I do think it’s only fair that all of the country is coloured in together.

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