5 thoughts on “For Qwest, FTTN Not An Option, Necessity”

  1. Poll is smokescreening excuses for the fact Qwest just doesn’t have the cash.

    Verizon’s plant is “aerial”? Next time I’m in NYC, I’ll have to look for the telephone poles… and there are more than enough cases where Verizon contractors have *ahem* screwed up trenching to demonstrate that its fiber deployment does, indeed, require a lot of digging.

    I’m also more than willing to bet Qwest has its share of poles across the plains…

  2. @ Doug Mohney

    on verizon point, actually in parts of their foot print even in outer boroughs of new york, there were a lot of cables that were overhead. I think this is a justification, though in the end they know they need to go all fiber.

    Funny for a company that started off as a fiber operator.

  3. Funny, considering I spoke with one of the line techs here in my neck o’ the woods who said the new FTTN offerings would never make it out of Denver. They put it all on regulation. Which saddened me, since Qwest actually beats the rinky-dink cableco both in speed and price in these here parts.

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