4 thoughts on “For startups transparency is transformative”

  1. Rightly said ‘culture of hiding facts… results in erosion of trust’. Startups have started shaking up big and private businesses, to bring transparency to the forefront. An effort for transformation. Nice article.

  2. Internal/board transparency certainly makes sense. What’s your feeling on extending that to customers? In this age where marketing has transformed from push/interruption to Inbound marketing/pull, my inclination is to be transparent about our marketing objectives. Obviously there’s competitive concerns but my hunch is they’d be outweighed by the benefits of that approach.

  3. Having a certain level of transparency is vital in some situations, using the New’s of the World scandal is a prime example of a trust lacking business and it goes to show what happens without the trust you need.

  4. Yes – and the key objective of any startup is to find a replicable business model. A lack of transparency is, effectively, decreased communication throughput and a dumbing-down of the entire organization. This leads to longer development cycles between pivots, slower innovation, and a faster burn-rate.

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