5 thoughts on “Forbearance Can Impact Telecom Choices”

  1. In our market it was the cable company that killed the independent ISPs. I owned an ISP in the 90’s, established a partnership with the cable company, helped them to launch cable modems into the market. Along the way I tried to convince them to allow the other ISP’s onto their network to also sell broadband service to their customers. The cable company’s thinking was why share when we can own it all, which they’ve pretty much done. I sold to them and did pretty well. When I left, they had 15,000 cable modem customers, now they have close to 100,000 plus another 50,000 using their cable modem phone service.

    Around the same time the cable company launched cable modems, they also started a CLEC. For them, thanks to the the Telecom Act of 1996, it was like stealing candy from a baby. They went in and undercut the local incumbent on T1’s and voice services taking a big chunk of SBC’s business . So I can understand the incumbents now wanting to stop competition that they in essence helped to build.

    It will get interesting when they really begin to roll out video services and go head to head with the cable companies. Hopefully, the consumers will be the ultimate winners with that competition.

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