18 thoughts on “SixApart Sells LiveJournal To A Russian Group”

  1. Well I’m actually kind of confused with this deal.We know change can be scary, even if it’s a good change.Russian company buying LJ, given Russian servers’ problems with viruses and the like.
    If i can recollect there were a lot of embedded viruses in there, so it that LJ is going to get migrated to Russian servers. Silly must say !

    Well Anyways ALA SUP’s get their priorities straight: their number one goal is to make sure all of you who are current LiveJournal users are happy, and to make LiveJournal better than ever before.


  2. […]“It’s about our desire at Six Apart to really do right by the LiveJournal product and to have it have as strong of a future as possible. SUP will be able to invest (in LiveJournal) in 2008 more than Six Apart would have. Likewise, we’ll be able to invest more in our three properties than we would have.” — Six Apart CEO Chris Alden[…]

  3. hey Om –

    do some more digging on this. no one’s put together the real story on SixApart yet, and there’s certainly a bigger picture piece to be told (with #’s, strategy, exec profiles, etc).

    isn’t this territory that needs to be covered?

    6A isn’t a fly-by-night company, but they’ve flown under the radar of either strong praise or criticism for far too long.

    as a user & fan of TypePad (and to a lesser extent Vox), i’m flabbergasted something hasn’t happened in their space. Yahoo & SixApart would seem like a perfect marriage, why hasn’t it happened? (2 years ago, for that matter?)

    there’s got to be more there there.

  4. Will Google sell Orkut to a Brazilian company?

    This does seem like an odd announcement. What is the “rest of the story”? As someone mentioned, the buyer seems more like the sort of nothing company that would be a seller to a more known company, not a buyer from a more known company.

    Or were the Live Journal members just too much of a bunch of jerks for Six Apart’s customer support to handle?

    Did Six Apart need funds, and the next round would have diluted the Trotts out of company control, so they decided to sell off assets while they wait for the elusive acquisition?

    At any rate, there is some story here that is not being told.

  5. ‘interesting monetization opportunities’ sounds ominous. Currently LJ has an opt-out system for displaying advertisements on free journals. I expect that will be the first thing to go.

  6. incredible 6a does nothing from LJ… which was social adhead when 6a bough t it! they loose all their time to develop vox which is already dead vs FB and myspace…

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