6 thoughts on “Force 10(G) Infinera”

  1. Hi there,

    I have read quite a few of your articles and always apprecaited them. Just found your blog now – will come here more often.


  2. Wow infinera sold it to L3!
    I’ve been watching optical developments since 01.
    I have seen 2 companies whose products were in trial and were liked for what they delivered in a test run but no telco was willing to bet any serious cash.
    There is a anti-small startup thingie in the telco carier space. They dont seem to buy from smaller firms with genuine innovative products.
    Maybe it had to do with all the crazy hype that went in the early dot com and telco days.
    Several Established companies paid billions to buy startups and they were NOT able recover the price that was already paid.
    Damn i wish i had graduated 10yrs ago then i could have sold a frame relay product and be bought out by the likes of cisco,ibm alcatel etc

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  4. It’s hard to believe that Del’Oro’s information is accurate. I have not seen a copy of the report, but knowing that the core of these systems are based on 2.5Gb/s electrical crossbar switches, and knowing who the chief customers are indicates some Chinese vendors are being left out. Infinera is an interesting company, but Om, you sure seem awfully enamored. Any negatives here?

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