14 thoughts on “Waiting for XBox 360”

  1. It is huge. Why else would apple rush Frontrow to the market?
    For Apple to displace Xbox, its going to be a costly affair. And I am happier Xbox is from MS and not from Apple 🙂

  2. Gates said a messenger client is in the works with XBox. Microsoft will have your voip in the living room and the board room.

  3. Om,

    I agree with Russ and think that MS is all set to capture your living room. I have to diasgree with your comments about CISCO and that old second hand settop box company.(Jim Cramer called it so)

    I will tell you the attitude of these cable companies into settop box. I interviewed for a Developer position at one such companies in Kirkland. I was shocked at the snails pace they wanted to move and still think they will rule the market. Also I had visited the company around 9:00PM to see how many devs are still working, it was shocking, NONE.

    Guys Bill has been equally serious about media as he is about search. I see lights in Building 50 and parking lot is atleast one level full at midnight.

    Time will tell!

  4. cramer is an idiot who doesn’t know much about technologies. i have spent a lot of time with the cable equipment vendors and no, this is not second hand set-top box company. set-top box is only the most obvious part of the business. no one cares about the back end systems, which everyone is trying to develop from the ground up. SA is the #2 player in this market, has the depth to deliver prodcts. microsoft so far, well its just full parking lots because they can’t make the damn thing work. read my posts about swisscom. or why even SBC keeps pushing the dates out by six months at a time.

  5. Actually, he doesn’t say that “many of videos on the XBox Live MarketPlace are available for free on the web”, he says that some are free on the XBox Live MarketPlace. Based on what’s available at launch (more details at http://www.majornelson.com/2005/11/15/xbox-live-marketplace-launch-content/) game trailers and demos will likely be free.

    I’m liking the look of what MS is doing in the living room, but I don’t really want to run XP Media Center, so I’ll be sticking with the XBox hard drive for now. It’d be great if the XBox let you stream from Samba shares, but that Videora FAQ suggests it’s not possible… Kind of understandable, but a pity. (Though just wait for someone to write a hack that lets some free software pose as Media Center)


  6. I think i’ll wait for the PS3. Then i dont have to spend again for a Blu-Ray DVD player. MS has screwed itself by not putting in a high-def DVD player.

  7. Moo, DVD has only relatively recently been the mainstream outlet for home-movies, that isn’t going to change for quite a while. The main users buying hi-def DVDs and DVD-players will be high-end users who’ll buy dedicated kit, not use the likely poor quality produced by consoles.

  8. i think this is a great platform, and will be Microsoft’s first big success in a long long time. I think despite themselves, they might have a winner on their hands.

    folks, for those errors, well i fixed those, and regret them.

  9. I just got my 360 and I have to say I’m very impressed – still don’t have all the stuff for it (wireless adapter, second controller and, most importantly – Call of Duty 2).

    MS seems to have really gotten it right with this version. My only issue is that it runs very hot hot hot….you’re going to love it Om.

  10. i preorderd my system and am waiting impatiently! but all you have to remmember guys all the stuff youre impressed with now is just a scratch on the surface of the capabilities of the xbox 360, I almost cry when i think of what games are gonna look like a mear 6 months from now or even a year!


    hers a link to an upcoming 360 game that truly pushes the next gen system. and shows ps3 fans where its at!

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