16 thoughts on “Foursquare Hits 4 Million Users”

  1. It’s been fun to watch these guys grow. They’re definitely starting to attract more of a mainstream audience. I can see it in more of my non-tech friends using it.

    And… having more friends on it has definitely made it more useful. There’s more of a chance that I’ll see a friend in my neighborhood.

    But… there’s still a long ways to go. I’d venture to say that the majority of my friends think that I’m crazy for using Foursquare. Granted that’ll change over time.

  2. I used Foursquare for a month and then just let it die although I suspect my account is still active. It’s just so utterly, utterly pointless.

    Honestly, other than being told I can get a cheap Pizza or Coffee nearby – which Yell tells me anyway – or where my friends are – which texts do better – it does nothing of any value at all.

    Staggeringly pointless. Even more so than Twitter.

  3. This is just like all those other sites with lots of users that have a high registration count vs active user count. I imagine that a lot of people activate an account, play with the service and then leave their accounts alone never to use the them again. What this usually means is that marketing is good at funneling users to their product via their respective channels, but it’s ultimately not a sticky product.

    A more interesting number would be a peak concurrent users.

  4. ” . . . the service that allow it to attract …”

    What no pronoun! I’ll forgive the “s” if you tell me what the company does. Further, because there is no URL to the company website, I now have to type it in manually.

  5. Being one of the 4 million “users” – that means I downloaded the app. Looked at it. Never checked in once. Never opened it again. So, I know there aren’t 4M “users,” though there may be 4M “registrations.”

    How many “active users” not “registrations” is a meaningful number.

    Otherwise, yet again, GigaOM is becoming a press release reprint factory. Please get back to your old selves and question a few things. Dig a little deeper, provide some insight. Drop being enamored with flavor-of-the-day. k?

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