53 thoughts on “Okay, We Got More Money”

  1. Congrats Om! I am happy for the amazing GigaOM network team. You made some interesting revelations today apart from the announcement. Those tools you talked about (like the dashboard) sound impressive! Hope you talk a bit more about them in some of your future posts. 🙂

  2. Thank you Om for assembling such a fine crew of Journalists/Analysts.

    As a Management Consultant, I do rely heavily on the GigaOM Network (Mostly GigaOM Flagship and GigaOM Pro) for news as well as in-depth analysis and forward thinking (@GigaStacy, @MichaelWolf, @KevinCTofel, @Om…)

    Looking forward to meet you all at Mobilize ’11!

  3. No need to apologize/explain away your new funding round. GigaOM is of the highest quality content. May not be the first, but always the best and most insightful. Keep up the great work!

  4. Congrats, Om. Can’t believe how far you’ve come since that day we had coffee at Starbucks when you told me that same day you had started GigaOm.

  5. Great going OM !!

    Wish you and Crew all the best

    I still remember the days.. When MikeA wanted you to join up with TechCrunch, and were wishing that you did not as I felt you had a better and cleaner sense of busines vision. Kudo’s to you for turning the ffer down !

    For along time, I have been a circa ’04..been taking your feeds.. and still do .. looking forward to you and team continuing the good works !!

    ..and dont stress out .. !!

  6. Om and Team,

    Congratulations and I am glad to see that one Tech blog I never miss reading is doing great. Gigaom is an inspiration for many others not just from the business side of things but, also, in showing how tech media should do analysis.

    When you started GigaOm, I was one of the folks who was skeptical about the long term sustainability and scalability. You guys have shown the skeptics how it can be done successfully. Kudos.

  7. Om, you were impressive when you spoke at Mesh 1 a few years back and then made another smart move when you brought Mathew Ingram over.

    Though we’re not in the same space, you’re one of the few SV guys that I watch and learn from.

    Continued success and I would also love to learn more about your virtual content router.

    George The Greek

  8. This site is my first resource for tech and trends. As a journalist, I look for balance and insights, but most importantly, who has the story first, written most accurately.

    Excellent. I’ll keep tuning in and hope that FL catches up to tech soon. I’ll share this site with clients and friends.

  9. Congratulations, Om, to you and the team, especially Mike, Celeste and others who have built up GigaOm Pro. As a GigaOm Pro analyst, I’m proud to be a contributor and believe you’ve created an important new forum for insight, content and exchange. Under Surj’s leadership, the GigaOm events (especially Mobilize for me and others in the mobile space) are also among the best available. Again, great job and I look forward to continuing to collaborate.

    Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr and GigaOm Pro analyst

  10. hey i love reading post from the gigaom network
    just one suggestion u should have a free subscription of gigaom pro for students or ppl who cant afford that …..

    congrats once again

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