10 thoughts on “Fox Buys Newroo, kSolo”

  1. Ksolo is a really smart deal for newscorp. plays right into thier core audience and is very interactive. Also, dovetails nicely with the music orientation of myspace. Messrs. Murdoch, Levinsohn and Phillips are just way smart about this space and playing to win.

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  3. I would appreciate any information on the reason behind the kSolo site being down (inactive) for two days now. We are receiving e-mails and phone calls from unhappy subscribers and would like to be able to respond intelligently as to the future of this site.
    Thank you very much.
    Dave Bean

  4. I have just paid my annual payment two days ago in ksolo.com. Why can’t my internet explorer connect to any of their site? It’s quite frustrating as it was not a small amount of money I have spent…

    Please reply.

  5. Ok, what is wrong with KSolo? They haven’t had any new song releases since January. I am really disappointed in the site and have since cancelled my paid subscription with them. Could the new acquisition have something to do with it?

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