8 thoughts on “Say Chicago For New Tech Cool”

  1. Dooce has built a sizeable business in Utah? I don’t get it…a sizeable business doing what, just looks like someones personal weblog to me.

  2. VoIP telephone and collaboration services will only accelerate this trend away from the San Francisco Bay Area, as these services effectively bring the cost of long-distance collaboration to zero. We built a complex system with developers spread across several countries, and plan to run most of the business from much lower cost cities.

    If you are not chasing VC money, it is less and less important to be in a capital city. From a quality of life standpoint, Silicon Valley leaves a lot to be desired if you’re not a multi-millionaire.

    It is also good to live and work in a city where most people do not work in tech (i.e. real customers) versus the Bay Area (where web 2.0 flatus rebreathing has gotten out of control).

  3. Om,
    What types of cities do you think are ideal then for starting a business? more specifically a tech business? Chicago has the advantage it isn’t as overpriced as other places (SanDiego, SF, LA, NY, Miami), and has good access to lots of universities in the area.
    If location were truly irellevant (venture funding…), then one could argue omaha nebraska or some other small college town? Or maybe just access to an airport is key?

  4. Hi Om, Anjali here from chi-town. Things are definitely starting to pick up, thanks to the return of experienced entrepreneurs from the Valley who are bringing new energy to the area. Keep us in your radar, perhaps we are finally on to something! Chicago offers a great lifestyle, diversified economy and convenient location.

  5. What types of cities do you think are ideal then for starting a business?

    I would say inexpensive college towns like for example say ann arbor…you can hire high calibre but lowcost parttime talent from the vast student pool.

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